Multi-agency approach

At Progressive Mindz, we value working in partnerships with other organisations to improve outcomes for young people and enhance the support available for practitioners.

Social Workers: work closely with them to identify needs, manage risks and agree the support package. We will commit to weekly and monthly progress reports.

Mental Health: work with Statutory agencies such as CAMHS and voluntary agencies such as Young Mind to access the right levels of assessment and support to improve outcomes for young people.

Youth Offending Teams: work in partnership with YOS workers to support young people to adhere to Court orders with a personalised programme to prevent patterns of reoffending.

Drugs and Alcohol agencies: such as Turning Point, adopting an educational approach, with a focus on prevention, safety and help young people to better manage their intake.

Integrated gangs unit and Safer London foundation: to better manage risks with a personalised programme to help young people break free from gangs culture.

ETE: in addition to providing in-house programmes that lead to AQA accreditations, we will work with a range of mainstream ETE providers in the community.

Refugee Council: to access specialist support for UASC; assessment of needs, legal support and integration into the community.

Health Agencies: we will work with GP’s, dentists and sexual health agencies to improve health outcomes for young people.

We will adopt an innovative approach to working with agencies;

  • Drop in sessions in the service to encourage engagement and accompany young people to specialist appointments.
  • Group workshops around key topics such as sexual health.
  • We will proactively review service needs and develop service level agreements with key agencies.